Scene Stealing: Crashing the apartment of Scandal’s Olivia Pope

I realize I’m a little late to the game on this, but have you been watching Scandal on ABC? I have a general rule that I don’t start watching a new show until one of the other shows I’m currently watching is over. With Downton Abbey not set to return until January 2014 (ugh!) I had some room in my TV watching schedule and Scandal did not disappoint!


Meet Olivia Pope, an attorney turned presidential campaign adviser turned Washington DC fixer. What’s a fixer you ask? Well when you have a problem like, say you (you’re the Maryland Govenor in this case) walk in on your wife having an affair with your contractor, she cries rape and and you shoot him, you call Olivia Pope and her team of fast talking attorneys to help cover up solve the problem. Obviously this makes for a completely engrossing and addicting viewing experience–each week a different problem and a new cast of characters. Oh and did I mention Olivia is also having a tumultuous affair with the President of the United States–amazing!

But what I love more than smart dialogue and intense story line is the amazing apartment of Miss Olivia Pope. Great set design reflects the character and true to Olivia this space is classic, feminine and intriguing. Set in Washington DC, Olivia’s apartment has true historic flare–arched doorways, parquet flooring, high ceilings and gorgeous doors.


I love the neutral tones used throughout, paired with dark accents like the x bookshelf and black frames on the wall. And the detail of the moldings is just fantastic. Olivia-Popes-apartment-on-Scandal-living-room-5

By the way this is what it’s like when the President stops by your home unexpectedly. Perhaps he’ll play her a little something on that gorgeous black piano. Did you notice the incredible molding on the ceiling? The President is obviously enamored by it as well.Olivia-Popes-apartment-on-Scandal-living-room-3

Another shot of the living room, but what I’m really focusing on is the view of the dining room from this shot. The ornate gold chandelier and that over-sized mirror are perfection. Olivia-Popes-apartment-on-Scandal-kitchen-3

If you’re Olivia Pope I doubt you do much cooking in this kitchen, but what a divine space for opening wine (which is all she seems to us it for). The black subway tiles and white cabinets are a perfect combination.

Olivia-Popes-apartment-on-Scandal-kitchen  I spy polished concrete counter tops–I could definitely get used to a kitchen like this!oliviapope_apt6_zps8e7d1e02This is the room that started my obsession with Olivia’s apartment (excuse the awkward screen shot of this space). If I was a single girl I would want my bedroom to look EXACTLY like this. The purple velvet bed is so feminine and I love it against that peach wall. The crisp white bedding is from West Elm. Olivia Pope Bedroom

Another super creepy screen shot, but I this one shows a better view of the room. Again a great mix of modern elements (the Morrocan rug, abstract art and white bedding) paired with more feminine touches (the white winged back chair, silver lamps, dressing mirror and of course the velvet bed). I’m also crushing on those Ikat pillows, kind of reminds me of the ones I’m planning on making for our master bedroom. Also, can we talk about those closet doors for a second? I’m usually not a huge fan of mirrored closets, but if mine looked like that it would be another story–especially if that gold chandelier was also part of the equation.

If only I was Olivia Pope and if only this apartment were real! Well, at least I can covet it on Thursday nights when Scandal airs. Hope you enjoyed this viewing this space as much as I did. What do you think, should I make this a regular series? What other TV sets should I crash?



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2 thoughts on “Scene Stealing: Crashing the apartment of Scandal’s Olivia Pope

  1. You know how much I love this show and I have been lusting after her apartment too! Also, did you notice the wine glasses she drinks out of? They are amazing, super big and I think I need one for myself. XOXO

  2. Hello! I agree. Love these sets. Does anyone have any idea what the fabric for her living room curtains is? I am dying to have it for my home.

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